This toolkit includes training modules and valuable resources for providers and/or clinic systems to add transgender/non-binary health care to their services. Join us in expanding access to culturally responsive, quality health care for transgender/non-binary people throughout the United States and beyond. 

Educational Tools, Emergency Support, Books, Sexual Health Information.

Basic training modules for front-line and clinical staff including cultural information.

Clinical training modules for preventive, hormone therapy, and post-surgical care.

Valuable resources for expanding training, clinical, and research knowledge.

Thank you to our

Amazing Contributors

  • Simon Adriane Ellis, ARNP/CNM – the main contributor, content wrangler, and inspiration for this toolkit. Simon helped launch Cedar River Clinics’ LGBTQ Wellness Services and, because of his passion and dedication to transgender/non-binary health care, is helping to expand access nationally with this toolkit.
  • Clare Sherley, ARNP/CNM – whose senior project at the University of Washington’s School of Nursing was the impetus for the toolkit. Thank you to UW School of Nursing for their support.
  • Linda Gromko, MD – for her contributions to the surgical care module and her commitment to transgender/non-binary health care.
  • ARNPs, CNMs, MDs, RNs, and students who provided peer review of content. It took a village!

The content contained in this peer-reviewed toolkit is intended as general guidance for medical providers and does not constitute legal or medical advice.

The words “trans” and “transgender” are used in this website and many of its documents
as umbrella terms for all people whose gender identity is in some way different than the sex they were assigned at birth.