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Call 800-572-4223 if you were seen at Cedar River Clinics and have questions regarding your procedure.

This is normal for up to 8 weeks. Use maxi pads so you can monitor your bleeding. No bleeding is also normal. Uterine Massage can decrease cramping. To perform uterine massage, use the heel of your hand and push firmly on your abdomen while rubbing the heel of your hand from your navel to your pubic hairline. The purpose of uterine massage is to stimulate your uterus to contract back to its pre-pregnant size. Massage may cause more bleeding as your body passes clots that it needs to pass for the cramping to stop. Please contact us if you experience severe cramps that are not relieved with medication. 

  • If you soak more than 1 maxi pad an hour for more than 2 hours or pass large clots, call the clinic immediately. 
  • Avoid aspirin and alcohol. These substances may cause heavier bleeding. 
  • Avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 2 weeks. 

You may experience breast engorgement or tenderness. If your breasts are painful or you have secretion, bind them tightly with a wide ace bandage. Ice packs may be used (for 10 minutes every half hour). Avoid stimulation such as hot water from a shower or touching or kissing. Pregnancy symptoms should subside within one week.

Ovulation can occur at any time after an abortion. Use a birth control method of your choice to prevent future pregnancy. If you are starting a new birth control method such as – birth control pills, nuva ring -- use back-up methods (condoms, spermicides, not having intercourse) with the first cycle of pills. To learn more about birth control options, visit our Birth Control Comparison Chart at

Your cervix may be open for 1-2 weeks. To reduce the risk of infection: 

  • Take antibiotics as directed. Check your temperature daily for one week. Call the clinic immediately if your temperature is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. 
  • Do not put anything in your vagina for 1-2 weeks. 
  • Do not use tampons until your next period (in 4-8 weeks).  
  • Get some rest and drink fluids (water, juice). 
  • Call us to schedule a follow-up exam in 3-4 weeks. 

A wide range of feelings is normal including, relief, sadness, anger, or confusion. If you would like to talk with someone, call Cedar River Clinics, or you can call Exhale, a confidential national multi-lingual toll-free talk-line: 866-439-4253. Visit to download the Abortion Resolution Workbook and access additional resources. You are not alone one in four American women has an abortion.

When you make important life decisions about an unplanned or unintended pregnancy, you deserve respect and access to quality health care. People across the country are demanding policies that increase access to a complete range of reproductive health care, including abortion. Vote. Take Action. Speak Out. Tell a story. Ask questions. End the silence. Say the word, "abortion" to reduce stigma. 

If you would like to print or download this aftercare information, click here.

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