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Wellness exams help you prevent disease, maintain your health, identify problems before they become serious, and learn to understand your body.

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Health and Wellness Services

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We are able to offer free or low-cost birth control options, including IUDs, due to the Washington State Family Planning Program. Most will qualify. Call us to discuss your unique situation. Other services covered could include annual exam, pap smear, STI/STD test and treatment, and HIV testing.

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What happens During a Wellness Exam?

1. Fill out a health history form. When you arrive at the clinic, we will ask you to fill out a form or you can bring it with you by clicking the link above. This form helps us learn more about you and your health.

2. Meet with a health care worker. The health care worker will take your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. You will also be asked to leave a urine sample and if you are getting an HIV test, you will also have blood drawn. You can let the health care worker know if you have any specific concerns or questions.

3. Meet with a provider. After talking with you about any concerns you have, your provider will do a basic physical exam. This includes listening to your heart and lungs and doing breast, abdominal, and pelvic exams. Any samples needed for STI or vaginal infection testing will also be collected. We encourage you to be an active participant in your exam and use this as an opportunity to learn more about your body and your health. If this is your first time getting a pelvic exam, your provider will explain the process in detail before starting. The entire physical exam takes about 10 minutes. 

After your exam, we will send off any samples collected to the lab and we should have your results back within 7 to 10 days.

When should I have a Wellness exam?

First Annual Exam: Your first Wellness exam should be soon after you turn 21. Even if you are sexually active, we do not recommend breast or pelvic exams before age 21 unless you are experiencing problems.

Ongoing Wellness Schedule: It is important to be seen for an annual exam every year, but you will only need a pap smear once every three years if all your results are normal.

An annual exam is not required to get prescription birth control.

Pregnancy Calculator

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Please use this calculator to help choose a procedure. Note: Seeing a trained medical professional is the only way to accurately determine the length of your pregnancy and what options are available. We offer free walk-in pregnancy tests at our locations in Renton, Seattle, Tacoma, and Yakima. Call for clinic hours.  

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