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Providing telehealth appointments to people in Washington State

Cedar River Clinics offers online telemedicine appointments. With an internet connection and video capability on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop/computer, you can access confidential and secure health care services with one of our providers. While we still offer in-clinic appointments, we are also offering the following services online:

Available up to 11 weeks from your last menstrual period (LMP). Medication abortion can be mailed to you or picked up at our Renton, Tacoma, or Yakima locations. Learn more by viewing our Medication Abortion/Abortion Pill Instructions.

Book an online consultation appointment to determine the best birth control method for you. There are options to pick up, call into a pharmacy, or have your birth control inserted with an in-clinic appointment. View our Birth Control Comparison chart for more information about your options.

Screening and treatment with an online appointment, possible lab tests, and treatment called into a pharmacy.

Screening and treatment with an online appointment, possible lab tests, and treatment called into a pharmacy.

Schedule an online appointment to get your possible lab tests, and medication called into a pharmacy. Learn more about our Masculinizing and Feminizing hormone therapy.

What Happens During A Telemedicine Appointment?

Private insurance and Medicaid cover telemedicine appointments. We have a sliding fee scale. Please note that we can only provide telehealth appointments to people in Washington State. 

  1.  Call us at 800-572-4223 to schedule your online appointment. A phone counselor will complete an initial screening and ask for your email address to send pre-appointment forms that will need to be completed one business day prior to your appointment.
  2.  You will also speak with a Financial Specialist to discuss how the appointment will be paid for, i.e. Medicaid/Apple Health, private insurance, or sliding fee scale. They will also explain what your estimated out-of-pocket costs will be and how/when those will be collected.
  3.  You will receive text/email with a link to access the secure site for your online visit. You will easily be able to test your device before your appointment to be sure it works with our telemedicine system.
  4.  On the day of your appointment, click on the “Join Visit” button in your text/email.
  5.  Once you and the provider have joined the visit, you will be able to see the provider and yourself on the screen. The provider will end the visit once the appointment is complete.
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